Market Access

Market Access Ida County is located in western Iowa. Woodbury County is directly to the west. Sac County is to the east, Cherokee is to the north, and Crawford County to the south. We are 45 minutes from Sioux City. Sioux Falls, SD and Omaha, NE are an hour and half away from Ida County. Ames, IA and Des Moines, IA are an hour and a half and two hours to the southeast. Our county has established advanced manufacturing businesses with recent expansions. We also have a new biodiesel and ethanol plant under construction. 95% of our high school students attend college. We have exceptional grant programs to offer for home construction and new home purchases. Some of communities even offer free lots. We will assist in your location needs. We also have many major highways and railway systems established, providing great transportation opportunities throughout the county, and access to major interstates.


Highway Name Highway Type
Highway 20 US Highway - 2 Lanes
Highway 59 US Highway - 2 Lanes
Highway 175 State Highway - 2 Lanes
D15 County Highway - 2 Lanes
D56 County Highway - 2 Lanes
D59 County Highway - 2 Lanes
L51 County Highway - 2 Lanes
L67 County Highway - 2 Lanes
M15 County Highway - 2 Lanes
M25 County Highway - 2 Lanes
M31 County Highway - 2 Lanes



Carrier Name DOT Abbreviateion Railroad/Affiliation Local Line
Highway 20 - Unknown Branch


Ida Grove Municipal Airport

  • Location: Ida Grove, IA (Ida)
  • Daily Non-stop flights: 0
  • Longest runway length: 3200 ft.
  • Is airport a hub?: No
  • Control tower hours: Unamnned
  • Approved expansion: No
  • Number of runways: 1

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