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An Invitation to Classrooms Everywhere, November 15, 2012, 10:35 am, Connect with the International Space Station Astronauts and Students from Ida County!!

Released 11/14/2012

Your SSEP community may not be participating in the live video-conference (24 communities are) with the International Space Station astronauts tomorrow, November 15 at 10:35am. But we'd like to extend an invitation to your teachers and students to watch along via the webcast. Commander Sunita Williams has been operating the 23 SSEP experiments on orbit, and she will be on the video-conference. We will have two live host sites participating in this event tomorrow. One location will be in Holstein and the other in Ida Grove. SSEP students will ask a question live from e 

2012 General Election Unoffical Results

Released 11/6/2012

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Iowa Students Embark on Third Year of Spaceflight Program Ida County Among 12 Districts in the US to Participate

Released 10/19/2012

Live video downlink announced. As our students are still reeling from the experience of a lifetime in Washington D.C., they are gearing up for their own space adventure that will begin in an Iowa classroom. This will be the third consecutive year a group of Ida County students participates in the SSEP(Student Spaceflight Experiments Program), joining just eleven other school districts involved across the entire US. This year will be the first ever the community will hold a live video downlink event with astronauts on board the International Space Station, on November 15. 

Going for the Fiber - Ethanol Producer Magazine

Released 10/5/2012

The Ethanol Producer Magazine recently published an article about Quad County Corn Producers working toward production of both grain based and cellulosic ethanol from the same feedstock.

Read the entire article by Holly Jessen


Video Clips from Ida County, IA Team 1 at the 2nd Annual SSEP National Conference

Released 8/23/2012

The second annual Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP) National Conference was held at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum on July 2 and 3, 2012. This student science symposium allowed student teams from all over the country to share their designs and results for experiments conducted on the International Space Station.

This video includes the presentation: "How does Microgravity affect the maximum cell size of Tardigrades?" by Ridge View High School, Ida County, Iowa.


GALLAGHER: Ida County students aim high in space study

Released 6/5/2012

From: Sioux City Journal
IDA GROVE, Iowa -- When the first commercial space mission, SpaceX Dragon, zooms back to Earth today, a piece of Northwest Iowa comes with it.

Students at OA-BCIG High School, serving the communities of Odebolt, Arthur, Battle Creek and Ida Grove, have an experiment aboard the spacecraft, which was to depart from the International Space Station early Thursday.

This is the second experiment from a high school in Ida County to reach space in the last 12 months. Students at RidgeView High School, serving Galva, Holste 

NASA wants you to become the next generation!

Released 5/29/2012

Women@NASA has created a virtual mentoring project that offers a one-of-a-kind experience to middle school girls across the country. Jump start your future and explore the possibilities of a career in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). View more information about the project >> 

SpaceX Dragon Transports Student Experiments to Space Station

Released 5/22/2012

WASHINGTON -- The SpaceX Dragon capsule, which on Tuesday became the first commercially developed and built spacecraft to launch to the International Space Station, is carrying among its cargo a suite of 15 science experiments designed by students.

Known collectively as Aquarius, the experiments will assess the effects of microgravity on physical, chemical and biological systems. The students have been immersed in every facet of research, from definition of the investigation to experiment design, proposal writing and a formal NASA proposal review for selection o